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Episode Seven (Kerry Walsh)–-There’s a fine line between being forceful and being empowering when it comes to personal beliefs. Each individual is unique and should stand strong in their opinions and values. However, how is someone able to find the balance between forcing their beliefs onto others while allowing their opinions to be heard? Listen as middle school English teacher, Kerry Walsh, gives us her insight on allowing others to take ownership over their lives while expressing your beliefs to them in a mindful way. 

Episode Six (Pamela Rae Schuller)–-How are you able to take the things that scare you the most and push yourself to overcome them? The key to life is to find humor to elevate yourself to be the most authentic you. Listen as comedian, speaker, and advocate, Pamela Rae Schuller, inspires us all as she uses comedy as a way to accept her Tourettes Syndrome while making the world a kinder place for those who are considered “different.” 

Episode Five (Meredith Lumb)— In a world where negative news seems prevalent within our society,   how do we respond to break the cycle of intolerance? Children are our only hope for the future, but we are their only hope for their present and their future. Listen as high school English teacher, Meredith Lumb, inspires us all to stop the spread of hate while  ensuring that the ideals of kindness and acceptance do not get lost with the changing times. 

Episode Four (Susan Pleskow)— As free-flowing as life may seem, the universe has a pre-determined plan to get you not where you want to be but where you need to be. Although you may not understand the intended plan at the start, it is revealed to you when you are meant to see it. Listen as astrologer, Susan Pleskow, reads Alexa’s astrological chart on-air while helping us uncover the answer to the question we all want to know: How are the stars aligned for YOUR future? 

Episode Three (Kathy Wakile)— How do you listen to the universe when it pushes you down a path that you never expected? Are you able to give up some control to let life guide you instead of you guiding life? Listen as former Real Housewife of New Jersey, best-selling author, restaurant owner, and chef, Kathy Wakile, gives us the secret recipe to cooking up the life of which you’ve always dreamed.

Episode Two (Betsy Eberle)— We all lead very busy lives where we may feel as though we are stretched in many different directions. What is the secret to finding the balance between caring for others and caring for yourself? Listen as yoga teacher, Betsy Eberle, inspires us all to realize that self-care is not selfish. It is essential. 

Episode One (Carrie from Seattle)—How does a psychology major turn into a successful Lifestyle Public Relations Director? Listen as caller, Carrie from Seattle, shares her life’s path working to enhance the public image of her high-profile clients while balancing her own mindfulness journey.