Karyn Reece- Psychic Medium to the Stars

In addition to reading clients daily from her office, she has been featured on networks such as TLC, Discovery, Lifetime, The CW, FYI, Travel Channel, and A&E to bring healing to audiences around the world. Ever since a young age, she knew she had a special gift when she started receiving psychic predictions and messages from spirit. When she finally accepted her gift as to who she was, she decided that her purpose in this world is much larger than herself. Her calling is to heal others through the gift she has been given.

As a psychic artist and stockbroker, Karyn is not your average psychic. She is rated in the top 1% of psychics in her field with an over 98% accuracy. She uses her gift and expertise as a way to guide her clients in making smart personal, professional, and financial decisions while helping to bring individuals closer to their deceased loved ones. Karyn also has her own talk show, The Karyn Reece Show, in which she interviews top paranormal experts in her field and reads members of her live studio audience.  Being coined the “Medium to the Stars,” Karyn receives a lot of requests from celebrity clients which has her traveling all over the United States to bring them closer to their deceased loved ones. Regardless of our social status, we are all human. Death is inevitable, and she views it as her job to bring any individual the healing they long for but more so the healing they need.

In addition to her in-person readings, radio/television appearances, she posts a Medium Mindfulness daily on three social media platforms to fill the digital world with positivity. If traveling to an in-person reading is difficult, she makes healing more accessible for the user by providing her take on a positive and spiritual quote which hopefully will transfer to an individual’s healing process at large.

Alexa Zappia- Rocks of Unity Founder and Director

In 2009, Alexa faced tragedy when her life’s mentor, Susan Wehle, perished in the Flight 3407 plane crash. She wanted to do something that would make Susan proud by continuing to touch peoples’ lives as Susan touched hers. How does a 12-year-old grieve such a tragedy?
Susan was an advocate for cross-cultural dialogue and co-existence. As she reflected on the world’s current state, she realized that in a world filled with so much intolerance of others based on our differences, we must respond by affirming diversity as a strength through kindness and acceptance. 

With this driven mindset to end hate while honoring Susan’s legacy, she began Rocks of Unity™ at nineteen years old in Buffalo, NY to end the ever-growing issue of intolerance by spreading kindness and acceptance. In the past two years since inception, it has grown from one school here in Buffalo to an outreach of over twenty-five different countries and over thirty-five different states. 

Rocks of Unity™ is a brand of educational workshops, geared towards individuals of all ages, which affirms diversity as a strength through kindness, acceptance, and unity. We invite people of all backgrounds, religions, ethnicities, genders, sexual orientations, and social distinctiveness to come together, decorate a rock that expresses their identity, and then turn these creations into permanent art installations. This can be in the form of diverse rock gardens, rock walls, walkways, and more as we help reinforce the values of inclusion, acceptance, and kindness, while rejecting intolerance and hate. With the enactment of Rocks of Unity™, citizens will gain a heightened awareness of these prominent issues and learn how to better understand each other, ultimately building stronger communities.

In addition to Rocks of Unity™ workshops, Alexa posts a Daily Dose of Kindness on Rocks of Unity’s three social media sites to spread kindness on a digital platform. She now has a branch of Rocks of Unity™ called Rocks of Unity™ Rock Stars. It is here where celebrities endorse what she does, they decorate a rock to represent their identity, and then she places those rocks seamlessly into a community garden. Kindness is a human value and is not dictated by social status.